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Customs violations that you should watch out for

Customs violations that you should watch out for

When it comes to customs laws and regulations, the issue of customs violations also comes up. Customs violations are often done unconsciously and due to lack of detailed knowledge of the laws. These violations may result in irreparable damages. To avoid any damages caused by non-compliance with customs rules and regulations, it is better to get familiar with the latest customs rules and regulations and common violations. Are you aware of the latest customs laws and regulations of the country? Do you know what the latest customs violation laws include? How familiar are you with customs violations? In this article, we have tried to provide you with useful information about customs regulations and violations. Also, you can contact Arman Tabesh Trading Company for the latest news, information, regulations and customs violations. Arman Tabesh Trading Company keeps you safe from unwanted customs violations by knowing the latest customs laws.

Why are customs regulations so important?

Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most important law enforcement organizations for monitoring exports and imports. This institution was established to help control the import and export of the country’s goods. The main task of this institution is to monitor imported and exported goods. Customs is one of the most important bodies in determining and implementing customs laws and regulations. For example, determining and collecting duties and taxes from imported goods is an example of the cases under the authority of customs.
To establish this type of supervision, customs has to establish many rules and regulations. Laws and regulations that are determined to control, accelerate and facilitate customs procedures. Familiarity with various regulations due to their constant changes can be very overwhelming for any business. However, under the Customs Modernization Act, it is the responsibility of importers and exporters to be aware of and comply with these regulations.

Types of customs violations

Committing a violation in the customs, either accidentally or intentionally, is punishable. According to the law, any violation of customs laws is a crime and is considered a customs violation. Customs violation is a broad concept and includes various cases. Among the most important of these violations, we can mention smuggling and underreporting. In general, customs violations are divided into two categories: general violations and specific violations. In the following, these items are fully explained.

1. General customs violations

According to the law, customs has a series of basic and general rights, which often have a non-financial description, which consists of the privileges that the law has established for its beneficiaries. Some of these general customs rights include inspecting and weighing imported and exported goods, checking declarations and bills of lading, providing and collecting customs tariffs, the violation of which is subject to general violations. For example, declaring goods against the country’s customs laws and regulations or not declaring them according to legal principles is one of the examples of customs violations.


2 . Specific customs violations

Unlike general violations, its special example emphasizes violations that are financial and have indirect taxes. These violations, either inadvertently or intentionally, cause damage to the government and the country. In the next part, we will introduce you the most important customs violations.


Article 103 of the Customs Law

Article 103 of the Customs Law examines and determines the legal cases of import into the country. According to this article, after entering the waters of the country, under any circumstances, the water vehicles must dock at the authorized docks and anchorages and perform customs formalities. This article also applies to the import of goods by plane in such a way that all planes that enter the country, whether full or empty, must land at authorized airports and complete the necessary customs formalities.


Also, for outgoing ships and planes, before leaving the port and airport, all customs formalities must be completed in a complete and legal manner. This law has two important notes in which it assigns the responsibility of determining all authorized customs routes such as airports and docks to a working group under the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior.


The most important components of this working group include the plenipotentiary representatives of customs and the following ministries:


1. Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2 . Ministry of Information

3. Ministry of Roads and City Planning

4. Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

5. Vice President of Strategic Planning and Supervision

Arman Tabash Trading Company

Arman Tabesh Trading Company, with years of experience in international trade and understanding the need to pay attention to the regulations and laws in the field of import and export of goods, provides you with detailed information in the field of laws and customs affairs. For more information, just contact our experts at Arman Tabesh. Also, Arman Tabesh  provides services in the field of performing all customs matters such as goods inspection, goods clearance and international transportation to dear traders and businessmen.



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